Christina & Craig Milnes, WILSON BENESCH

Christina & Craig Milnes, WILSON BENESCH

Christina & Craig Milnes, WILSON BENESCH

Wilson Benesch

Our mission is to enable access to this art form; revealing every detail, nuance and timbre of the recorded artist through the world’s ultimate, reference audio products. Through an iterative process of design, underpinned by highly ambitious research and development programs, Wilson Benesch puts you closer to the artist than ever before.

Founded in 1989 and owned and directed by Craig Milnes and Christina Milnes, Wilson Benesch is a globally recognised brand, designing and manufacturing, high-tech luxury home consumer audio products. Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, the company today is a highly optimised and vertically aligned design and manufacturer, comprised of a team of highly trained craftsmen, designers and engineers.

The Wilson Benesch Turntable and the A.C.T. One tonearm were products like no other. The designs had a number of innovative features that governed exceptional performance and placed the turntable and its tonearm in a class of reference products for their time. However the advanced material technology at the heart of the design truly differentiated the product from the competition.

The Wilson Benesch Turntable featured the world’s first carbon fibre composite sub-chassis and the world’s first hyperbolic carbon fibre tonearm, the A.C.T. One. By placing the carbon fibres in a helix, Wilson Benesch’s A.C.T. One tonearm delivered maximum torsional stiffness, as well as maximum damping of structural borne vibration within the system.

Carbon fibre was an advanced engineering material with remarkable properties which created a number of advantages to the design process within Wilson Benesch. The material would become irrevocably linked to  the company’s product development programme from this point forward. Carbon fibre currently defines the Wilson Benesch brand globally.

The success of the Wilson Benesch Turntable had established the company and allowed Wilson Benesch to begin reinvestment in new product development and research into advanced material technology and manufacturing. In 1994, Wilson Benesch completed its second R&D project, again partly funded by DTi investment into innovative R&D. At the 1994 Frankfurt High End show, Wilson Benesch launched its first loudspeaker, the A.C.T. One loudspeaker.

The A.C.T. One would be a phenomenal success for the company. It was developed through strong collaboration with numerous leading engineers from a variety of  fields, including advanced composite engineering and acoustic design.

Like the turntable preceding it, the design was radically different from anything seen to date.  The A.C.T. One design departed from the ubiquitous square box design dominant in the market at the time. It introduced the world’s first curved carbon fibre composite panel to loudspeaker design, along with a sloping top and a solid metal baffle that had also never been seen in any loudspeaker previously. Acoustically, the design placed a significant emphasis on phase coherence and therefore the reduction of complex crossover elements. To date, this remains a defining element of the company’s design ethos and has been maintained in all subsequent products, ultimately leading to the crossover free loudspeaker designs implemented in the brand’s reference series today.

The critical endorsement of the A.C.T. Loudspeaker is evident from the awards and reference status that it established throughout the world. It became Reference in Germany and collected 6 additional awards in key markets in 1996 including two in Japan.